I was sorry to see in the "Literature and Art" column...

Dundee (Scot.) Advertiser

I was sorry to see in the "Literature and Art" column that the writer speaks of Mrs. Eddy as having practised "the quackery of mental healing." In the earlier paragraphs of his article he gives an amusing account of some of the strange remedies prescribed in ancient times for the relief of the sick. Unlike as are these remedies to those which would be given by a modern physician, they have this point in common—the cure is supposed to be effected by something which the patient eats, drinks, or wears.

Christian Science, on the other hand, declares that all abnormal bodily conditions are the outward expression or manifestation of erroneous thought, and that in order to improve the health of a man his thinking must first be improved. This point of view is rapidly gaining ground, and it will be conceded on all hands that a marked advance in the moral standard of the country would be followed by a marked improvement in health. All recognize that certain illnesses are the direct effect of sin, and that anxiety, fear, and grief militate against health. Is it then unreasonable to suppose that other complaints may originate in unhealthy mental conditions?

October 21, 1911

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