"The seekers of the light are one;" so reads the loved hymn of Samuel Longfellow, and this thought finds honest response in the heart of the Christian Scientist, for he is engaged in discovering those things in which he is at-one with God and with his fellow-men. The primary element of Christian Science is unity; man's unity with God and man's unity with man. The brotherhood of man practically demonstrated on earth is the ideal of Christian Scientists; yet they are not looking for brotherhood in the instincts and habits of the fleshly mind. Because they have learned that the human mind has been from the beginning the destroyer of brotherhood, they are striving to rise from it into the spiritual manhood which God creates and knows, in order to find unruptured relationship between all men.

The Christian Scientist becomes a "seeker of the light," knowing that as he sees God he will see God reflected in his fellow-men; as he loves God, he will love God's goodness manifest in men; as he becomes at-one with God, he will find himself at-one with all which springs from God in the hearts of men. Christian Science reveals the basic truth that God is one with His manifestation and that spiritual man and the universe are at-one in their reflection of God. And so it is learned that oneness is not something to be brought about by human beings, but an eternal fact to be discovered and enjoyed in the right understanding of God's relation to His creation.

June 4, 1910

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