The readers of Mrs. Eddy's book, Science and Health,...

Edinburgh (Scot.) Despatch

The readers of Mrs. Eddy's book, Science and Health, are drawn from all classes of society. Among my Christian Science friends I number people who have taken the highest university honors, and people who are unlearned according to the reckoning of this world. The fact that the book appeals to people of such widely different education and upbringing, proves that Christian Science is not a fad, that it has something of real value to give—something so practical and universal that it meets alike the need of rich and poor, of dreamer and doer, of east and west.

The assertion that Christian Scientists only concern themselves with those who can pay, is untrue. If the congregation in the Christian Science church appears to be it is because this Science has shown many the way out of poverty and out of disease, and supplied their temporal as well as their spiritual needs. Our numbers are constantly increasing, therefore we build new churches; but the funds for these churches are found by the Scientists themselves, without the help of concerts and bazaars.

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