In January, 1908, about two months after I became interested...

In January, 1908, about two months after I became interested in Christian Science, I was driving home one night, when the carriage door was slammed upon my finger, injuring it very severely. Two doctors thought it would be necessary to amputate the finger at the joint, as it would be almost impossible for it to heal otherwise. I, however, refused to have this done, so the decision was left for a few days.

The understanding of Christian Science which I then had helped me wonderfully. At this point my case was taken up by a practitioner, with the result that when the final decision as to whether the operation should take place was to be made, to the doctor's surprise my finger had already begun to heal; so he said it was not absolutely necessary to amputate, but added that the injury was sure to give further trouble and that amputation would possibly have to be done ultimately. I cannot express how Christian Science calmed my fears during this time, replacing them with peace and absolute assurance of this healing truth. The healing went steadily on until now a new nail has grown, though the doctor's opinion was that I should not again have one; and the finger is almost its normal length. I had also suffered from heart trouble and defective sight, both of which are improving through the knowledge and clearer understanding of divine Love which I have gained in Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science has indeed been a great help and comfort...
November 20, 1909

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