It is now ten years since I first heard of Christian Science

It is now ten years since I first heard of Christian Science I was then a church-member, but there was a need in my life which my church did not fill. When I heard of this truth I wanted to know more of it, and after studying Science and Health, which was given to me by one who had been healed, I gradually commenced to apply the teachings which I found in it to my life, and soon learned that they were demonstrable. For eight years my husband, little daughter, and myself have depended on Christian Science for healing, for both bodily and spiritual needs. My husband was healed of severe stomach disorder, nervous and liver trouble, besides other complications, such as loss of memory, etc. He was unable to eat solid food without suffering severely, and was greatly reduced in weight: could not sleep without an opiate, and was obliged to give up work.

About five years ago, I was prostrated with a severe attack of fever. A Christian Science practitioner was called, and through her faithful and constant work for me I was delivered from this bondage in about three weeks; which was quite wonderful to me, as we had a friend who was taken with this disease at the same time as I, and under medical treatment he was not well enough to go to work for four months, and even then was not entirely recovered. Through this healing truth our little daughter has been cured of numerous childish complaints which would have filled us with fear in the old thought. Before I heard of Christian Science I was full of fears, indeed it seemed as if fear made up most of my life. As the truth that God is the one and only power commenced to dawn on my consciousness, I saw, faintly at first, that all the terrors I had been holding had only the power I gave them, and gradually, as I took in this new-old truth, these were removed one by one, and in their place came the knowledge that as a child of God I was free: and as I kept my thought free of all that is unlike Him, I was able to help myself and others.

Testimony of Healing
From the many wonderful instances of healing in our...
November 20, 1909

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