[Translated from the German.]

About four years ago I first heard of Christian Science,...

About four years ago I first heard of Christian Science, and was very glad to find that the teachings of Jesus do still relate to us. I asked a Christian Science practitioner to treat me, as I was suffering much pain from a rupture with which I had been afflicted since childhood, and to my great joy the truth was demonstrated, and this ailment, as well as others, disappeared. I had an enlarged sinew on the left hand which would often cause considerable pain, so that I had to carry the hand in a sling, but after I had Christian Science treatment, in a short time nothing was to be seen or felt of this ailment. Previous to this I had asked the physician's advice on account of a swelling in my neck, but had found no relief. This trouble completely disappeared in Christian Science. My eyes were often inflamed, which meant great inconvenience in my work; but this condition, too, was soon healed. One day I accidentally drove a needle deep into the wrist. I took fright and ran to a physician, who told me that he could afford no help, it being too dangerous to make an incision in that place. I returned home utterly comfortless, thinking that the most serious results might follow, but the reading of Der Herold der Christian Science made me change my mind. I thought that if God is the "great Physician," He would be my helper in this instance. A few days later, while I thinking again that only God's power could bring the needle out, it became visible at the same place where it had gone in, and worked itself out slowly.

I am unable to express in words my gratitude for the great blessings which I received in the Christian Science meetings, while I was staying for a few weeks in Dresden, as well as for the great love and patience with which help was given me. A still greater blessing than the physical healing has been bestowed upon me in that I have recognized God to be Truth and Love, and received a better understanding of the teachings of Christ Jesus. I am thankful to God with all my heart that He has revealed to us through our beloved Leader, Mrs. Eddy, His great power and love, and that this glorious truth has been bestowed also upon me.

November 20, 1909

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