"Christian Science has given me one definite advantage,...

New York (N. Y.) Press

"Christian Science has given me one definite advantage, at any rate," said the woman who had tried it. "It has solved the servant problem for me. I no longer cower in the presence of a cook or a housemaid. I usually can adjust any unpleasant situation that may arise, but if not, I am not in the least alarmed at the thought of losing a servant. My life and all my affairs are arranged so simply that I am no longer at the mercy of servants. If they choose to stay and work properly, I can give them a good place. If they fail to appreciate it, I consider that their loss; and I am perfectly adequate myself to all parts of my housework. Of course, I no longer am afraid that I shall be sick or that any member of my family will be. I know that real duties never conflict, and I have learned to drop off so many superfluites that my nerves never are racked with trying to decide what I ought to do next. It is a new kind of independence, and one that I appreciate."

November 20, 1909

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