Christian Science strongly opposes every effort to influence...

Savannah (Ga.) News

Christian Science strongly opposes every effort to influence another mentally against his highest good, whether this is done under the name of hypnotism, mesmerism, animal magnetism, or any other name, or under no name at all. But while Christian Science rightly insists that all wrong thoughts and efforts must be corrected and overcome, it overcomes what is called animal magnetism, or what the psychologists call pernicious mental evil, on the same basis that it overcomes other phases of evil. It teaches that the Christ way of overcoming evil with good is not only the best way, but the only way by which it can be destroyed, and thus made unreal to human experience.

It does not teach that animal magnetism or wrong mental influence and action is real and that sickness is merely imaginary, but it teaches that every phase of error, whether it be sickness, or death, or sin, is unreal in the sense that it is not of God, and is therefore not real in the sense that all that God made, constitutes, and governs is real. In other words, in Christian Science the real, the good, and the Godlike mean one and the same thing. But, as previously indicated, whatever is less than good and healthy and wholesome must be grappled with and overcome, that God and His perfect will, ways, and works may be All-in-all.

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