From the many wonderful instances of healing in our...

From the many wonderful instances of healing in our family in the past fifteen years it would be difficult for me to cite any particular one as being the most remarkable, yet I will narrate the following experience. There years ago, immediately after the birth of a little son, such alarming conditions prevailed that the physician who was present expressed great fear. We had with us an experienced and faithful practitioner of Christian Science, and I believe that the doctor, who was the most magnanimous physician I have ever known, thought it safest to have the case in care of our Christian Science friend, because, after giving us fair warning of impending danger, he withdrew. Almost immediately the thing he so greatly feared came upon me, but the practitioner began at once to declare the truth audibly, and insisted on my doing so too. I began to lose consciousness, but still could hear my friend's voice. I seemed to realize that if I let go my hold on the truth by failing to obey and declare it, I would surely pass away at once; so, while the effort seemed very great, I made the fight, till suddenly I began to grasp that "sense of Life that knows no death," and the victory was won. Never did the blue sky and the green trees seem half so beautiful as when I looked at them once more through my window. There was the sense of peace that "passeth all understanding," and the beautiful words of the psalmist were verified: "Bless the Lord. ... who redeemeth thy life from destruction."—Mrs. Bessie LaRue, Devils Lake, N. D.

November 20, 1909

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