We publish to-day [July 10] a letter in defense of Christian Science...

Scottish Chronicle

We publish to-day [July 10] a letter in defense of Christian Science, written in answer to certain strictures which appeared in our columns a couple of weeks ago. No apology is needed for the publication of this letter. Christian Science ... is not to be killed or scotched either by a conspiracy of silence or jeers and sneers and cheap abuse. It has gained the ear and the heart of large numbers of devout and reverent-minded Christian people, who have seemed to find in it something which other organized forms of Christianity have failed to give them. What is that something? we ask. Is it not just a profound, personal, practical belief in the solemn truth that "God is not the God of the dead, but of the living," and that the healing offices of the Holy Spirit concern the body as well as the soul of man? Has the Church been sufficiently clear and explicit in the recognition of this vital fact, and has she been brave enough and trustful enough at all times to stir up the wonderful gifts of healing that are latent in the ministry of prayer? We fear the answer is in the negative: hence Christian Science, and all the excesses which schism in every form entails.

[The letter referred to above was written by Miss E. M. Ramsay, of the Publication Committee, and is in part as follows.—Editor Sentinel.]

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