Boston, Mass., Aug. 27, 1908.

Dear and Revered Leader:—I cannot refrain, during my brief stay in Boston, from expressing sincere gratitude for the help which my family and myself have received from the study of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," which has led us into the "glorious liberty of the children of God." Nearly two years ago, my daughter, and afterwards my wife, were healed through Christian Science. This led me to the investigation of this Science. For many years I have been a minister of the Congregational Church in Australia. During that period, I have spent ten years in city mission work in the slums and opium dens of Melbourne, five years in the gold-mining camps, another five years in the Australian bush, or frontier work, and the rest of the time in a city church. I have ever tried to keep my thought open to the leadings of God's spirit, believing with Robinson of the Pilgrim Fathers, that "fresh light would yet break forth from God's holy Word," and looking for its appearing. I had become convinced that the works which Jesus did could be done to-day, if we could but find the way—the spiritual law by which he wrought. While searching for this way, I came across a copy of Science and Health. A very brief study of it convinced me that you had found it, and I rejoiced. Here in this precious book I found what I had prayed and longed for, and my problem of thirty years was solved.

September 12, 1908

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