With my heart full of gratitude and love to our beloved...

With my heart full of gratitude and love to our beloved Leader, and above all to God, who has inspired her to do His work, I wish to say that I am striving each day to do His will and to work in His vineyard. It is almost eight years since Love's message came to me and lifted me out of the deep waters of mortal belief. I had been given up to die, as we had exhausted materia medica. I had tried other climates, all sorts of medicines, submitted to operations, etc., until I had neither strength nor courage for anything else in a material way. My husband then wished me to try Christian Science, as a neighbor had been healed of a dreaded disease by it.

I was in Colorado for my health when he wrote me to come home and try Christian Science. I replied that I would come home if he wished it, but would not have anything to do with Christian Science. I finally had to submit, however, as I was suffering so that I knew something would have to be done and that pretty soon. I made arrangements to go to a Christian Science practitioner, and was gone two weeks. I came home greatly improved, and told my husband I was well. I was filled with joy, and walked seven or eight blocks to my mother's, something I had not been able to do for months. Two or three doctors had said that I had a complication of diseases, and I believed their statements, for I thought they knew. I have been healed of severe bowel trouble, female weakness, convulsions, and other diseases.

Testimony of Healing
Job said, "I have heard of thee by the hearing of the...
June 6, 1908

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