Several years ago, while in Jacksonville, Fla., I was,...

Several years ago, while in Jacksonville, Fla., I was, comparatively speaking, an invalid. I was under the care of doctors for many months, but was constantly growing worse, until one physician said I would be compelled to undergo an operation in order to be a well woman. We still hoped to find some remedy to relieve me, but suddenly complications set in, which were so alarming as to call for a higher power than man-made remedies, if I was to live. The physicians finally said I would probably live but a few hours. When this startling announcement was made, a friend said to my husband, "You have tried the doctors without any relief for your wife, and now would it not be well to try Christian Science?" He was anxious to try anything that would bring relief to me, as I was so near death's door (as mortals saw me) and only a shadow of my former self. Nine weeks I had lain on my bed; consequently at the extreme moment of my suffering, which was caused by female trouble of the most aggravated nature, my friends were standing around me in sorrow, waiting for the end to come. When our dear friend asked to have her remedy tried for me, each one gladly consented. She told them that Christian Science was the truth and just what I needed.

A practitioner was called immediately. When she came I was unconscious, but after awhile I began to realize a new sense of life, — that I was without pain. I opened my eyes and saw my own room, though as yet I did not realize I was in the body. I felt peaceful and rested, and so happy to be free from pain. I turned myself in bed to make sure I was really on earth, and saw a lady sitting by my bedside. I asked her if she was a nurse, and her reply, "I am not a nurse," caused me to wonder who she was. I asked her if I had to die, as the doctor had said. She replied, so humbly, but so surely, "There is no death." I thought how strangely those words sounded, and wondered if I were already dead and in heaven, everything seemed so harmonious around me. Then the practitioner said to me. " 'Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil': death is nothing." I began to wonder what this all meant, and I knew something good had been done for me, but just what it was I did not know. In three days so many of my troubles had fled before the power of Truth that the practitioner thought it best for me to leave my bed and to know that God was my strength; but when she asked me to come to her home for treatment the next morning at ten o'clock, I felt that this was more than I could do, and I was tempted to say I could not go. When the time came for me to go, however, I suddenly realized that I could do it. My husband and his brother assisted me to a carriage, and when I was seated I felt like a new woman. I know now what I did not realize then, — the necessity for obedience to the law of God. I was completely healed of this disease in a short while, and have since been healed of several severe ailments through the understanding of Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
For a year and a half I have had no physician but God
June 6, 1908

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