The testing of thought leaves the mind open for constant light. A Christian Scientist must work as one works who is an adept in recognizing genuine from counterfeit bills and coins. It is the counterfeiter's plan to imitate so closely that only the adept can detect the counterfeit. The bill or coin may pass for years as real, yet in reality it is valueless. So with the concepts of mortal mind; this mind is the counterfeiter; its beliefs pass from one generation to another, unchallenged, until they come to one who is an expert in testing thought. This expert knows that aught that would vaunt itself as power, if it is not good, is not of God, and is therefore valueless — a counterfeit, because he knows that God made all that was made and pronounced it good. The expert casts aside this spurious belief, and at once meets objections from those whom he seemingly despoils. "Can we not believe our eyes? What has passed for ages as genuine, why question it? Why trouble us? This answers every purpose, so what matter if it is spurious?"

This is the cry of mortal mind, the deceiver and the deceived. Just as the adept in detecting counterfeit money would be dishonest were he to permit a counterfeit coin to pass through his hands in order to save personal loss, so with the Christian Scientist; he would be dishonest did he not uncover error and reveal its nothingness, no matter what the cost to himself or to others. Our principal work as Christians is to become experts in thought-testing; and this work must go on until every thought is brought into captivity to Christ.

June 6, 1908

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