For a year and a half I have had no physician but God

For a year and a half I have had no physician but God. Christian Science came to me as to many others, when material means had failed. The ills that materia medica had failed to meet in about eighteen years, Christian Science quickly destroyed. My case was complicated, the physicians all said, and when they attempted to give medicine for one trouble, it would work against the other ailments. Stomach trouble was one of my worst complaints, and I had it in its severest and most distressing form. One physician after another was tried, but all to no avail. Altogether I had ten of the best physicians, without counting the different doctors I had at the sanitarium and hospital. Two of the physicians, one of whom was a specialist in stomach troubles, put me on a milk diet, and they both said that if I gave them two years' trial they could cure me. I gave each one the full two years, and followed their instructions to the letter while treating with them. They also used other means of aiding me, but at the end of the four years I was not able to eat as much as I did before I started with them. I would get relief, but only temporarily. I had electrical treatment for about a year, and also tried several remedies that were recommended to me. Each one of my physicians gave me up and said he had done all that he could for me, and one of them told my sister I would not live two months.

At last I became discouraged, and declared I had gone to my last doctor, that nothing would induce me to try another. Just at this time I came to San Jose to make it my home (I had lived in Alvarado, Cal., most of my life), and when I arrived here I met and talked with a Scientist for the first time in my life. I had known nothing of Christian Science before, but through this acquaintance I was led to seek a practitioner, and I shall never forget my first visit. As I went home after that first treatment, it seemed as if everything had changed to me, and I sang for very joy that at last I was to be freed from my fetters. I was told to eat anything that was set before me, and I did as I was told, and slept as peacefully as a child that night. From that time on I have never been a slave to my stomach, but eat whatever is set before me without any bad results. I was also healed with the one treatment of chronic bowel trouble.

Testimony of Healing
I took up the study of Christian Science with the desire...
June 6, 1908

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