Quite recently the newspapers have given many detailed accounts of the tragic experience of a gentleman in New York city, whose death was said to be due to hydrophobia. Some of the papers stated, however, that "enough of a drug to destroy consciousness had been given the patient until he died." This case has been widely commented upon, and the opinion freely expressed that the tragedy might have been averted had not fear been fastened upon the patient by those to whom he went for aid. The writer was at one time intimately acquainted with a very intelligent man who kept a number of highly bred dogs, and he did not hesitate to say that rabies was not communicable to human beings except through their fear, and that he had even known of the cure of animals seemingly affected by it. He said he had been bitten by a dog in this condition, but that no bad results had followed, as he did not fear the disease at all. He had never heard of Christian Science, and was not free from fear where other diseases were concerned.

This sad occurrence in New York leads one to recall the story of Paul's shipwreck, as related in the 28th chapter of Acts. We read that after he reached the shore a venomous serpent "fastened on his hand," and that those who witnessed the occurrence predicted his death in consequence of the viper's bite, but that he shook it off "and felt no harm." We are also told that after this experience Paul proved the power of the divine Principle which had saved him from the effects that often follow the fear of poison, by healing many sufferers on the island where he was cast.

June 6, 1908

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