I took up the study of Christian Science with the desire...

I took up the study of Christian Science with the desire to know more about God. At the time I began this study I was a church member and a faithful attendant of the class meeting. I was anxious to serve God, but it seemed that there was always something lacking — I was not satisfied. Finally, Christian Science was mentioned to me, and a copy of the Sentinel given me to read. I was a busy woman, with household duties that I felt had to be done first, not realizing that we are commanded to seek "first" the kingdom of God. After my work was done I took up the Sentinel, and the first article I read brought peace and an assurance that I had found the right way in which to seek God.

I purchased a copy of Science and Health, and began to study it along with the Bible. It revealed a new world to me! I was so happy to know that there was a way for me to find God. I kept on going to class meeting, and I had been so regenerated through the study of Science and Health that I could speak the "new tongue" as it were. Some of the members came to me after the meeting, and expressed a desire to grow in grace as I was doing. This happened on three Sundays, and on the fourth Sunday I told them of Christian Science, in order that they might receive the same blessing; but they all hung their heads, and the next Sunday I was treated very coldly. The following week the minister and some of the members came to see me, and begged me to stop reading Science and Health. I said to them, "You have come here before to see me when I was hardly able to meet you. when I was almost a physical wreck; and you see me to-day, well." I also told them that if Christian Science was anything that would help humanity, both physically and spiritually, it seemed to me they had better be building it up instead of trying to tear it down. Their reply to this was that I would lose my mind.

Testimony of Healing
For seven years I have had the blessed Christ-peace in...
June 6, 1908

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