If any one has cause to be grateful for being rescued...

If any one has cause to be grateful for being rescued from the mire of vice and unwholesome conditions, moral, mental, and physical, I surely am that person and should voice my gratitude; and I do so in the hope that this may reach some one who is tired of the discordant conditions to which mortal material man is heir, and who desires to know by what means to relegate them into oblivion. Previous to coming into Christian Science I had hardly ever read the Bible, and whenever I did so I always took it literally; consequently I never received any benefit from it. "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy came into my possession at a time when life had lost all interest for me, and when everything good appeared impossible of realization; but in reading it in connection with the Bible, the truth was gradually revealed to me, and I began to gain some of that understanding of God which is so essential to spiritual progress. I began to see that by following Mrs. Eddy's teachings, as given in Science and Health, — by realizing and applying the truth that man is spiritual, the child of God, that he never was, never can be anything but good, and that material belief is an unreality in which error abides, — that this belief may be overcome, and man's true heritage, the spiritual state of man, may be gained. The true concept of God, good, has given me strength to overcome the liquor and tobacco habits, to which I was a slave for some thirty years. Strength from the same source has purified my language, reeking with immorality and blasphemy. Hand in hand with vices of all descriptions generally goes an ungovernable temper, and acquaintances of bygone years, who knew how violent I at times could be, have on several occasions recently spoken of the patience I display, as well as the amiability of disposition.

Physically I have also reaped benefits from Christian Science. Last spring I was attacked by a serious throat trouble which prevented me from swallowing even water. Without assistance I combated the discordant condition for about one week, when finally it became so aggravated that I found it necessary to apply to a practitioner. In two or three treatments the trouble was met and I was healed. Some four or five years ago, before I became interested in Christian Science, the same condition, according to material sense, prevailed. I then consulted a physician, who prescribed for me. This remedy failing, it was decided to operate on the throat, which was done. In all, it took nearly three weeks to effect a cure, it cost about eight times as much as my treatment in Christian Science, and it caused me a great deal of discomfort. My little daughter has also been benefited by Christian Science. Although not now a Christian Scientist, I know that eventually she also will become a follower of the truth. It is almost unnecessary to mention that materia medica made its exit at the time that I began to be interested in the reading of Science and Health, and has never since been resorted to by me. The sense of limitation is as yet a problem hard for me to solve, and that in face of the fact that I positively know God to be the source of all supply; yet I know the problem will solve itself in due time.

Testimony of Healing
For the countless blessings of Christian Science I would...
June 6, 1908

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