The teaching of the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation is to the effect that men reap as they sow and only as they sow. In spite of the oft-repeated declaration that the day of reaping is as certain as the sowingtime, there is a fear that one may fail to receive the reward of well-doing, and there is also a hope that in some way one may escape the penalty for doing wrong. It is evident that the one error of belief tends in some degree to encourage the sinner in his indulgence of evil, while the other may discourage the one who is striving to do right, because it leaves him in doubt as to what will be the result of his labors. A sense of discouragement does much to hinder his progress. Give a man the assurance that he will finally succeed in the thing he has undertaken, and he will work more faithfully, sacrifice more willingly, and wait more patiently, than if he has a feeling of uncertainty as to what the future has in store for him. The thought that possibly failure will be the only result of all his labor and sacrifice, has a tendency to discourage him, and many times prevents the doing of the little more which is necessary to bring success.

The law of cause and effect attends mortal man at every step in the way. Nothing comes by chance. He may not always know what has produced a certain effect, but his ignorance does not change the fact or its results. As the law of gravitation was in force thousands of years before it was discovered by mortal man and he learned how to turn it to his use, so the unchanging law of divine Mind has governed every advancing step in humanity's spiritual progress, even though the Science of being was not understood. The understanding of Mind and its laws reveals the way to harmony. It shows just what must be done to bring success. Hence the importance that men be guided by the Science of Mind instead of a personal sense of it. Discouragement is largely due to human ignorance of Truth. Error presents the dark side of things, but the understanding of Truth lifts thought above the seeming and inspires with hope and courage.

November 21, 1908

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