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Conneaut (O.) News Herald

When Mrs. Eddy declared in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" that there is no matter, a great storm of criticism from materialists, theologians, and so-called material scientists, was raised against the fundamental teachings of Christian Science. A more respectful and greatly changed view is now taken by the more philosophical and thinking public. Some of the world's most renowned philosophers, Spencer, Darwin, Huxley, Tyndal, Leibnitz, Kant, Lutz, Balfour, all advanced material scientists, are practically united in declaring that what appears to be matter to the evidence of the so-called five physical senses, is but a prolonged deception, and Professor Fiske, an eminent physical scientist, says "there is no such thing as matter."

Until recently matter was supposed to be composed of infinitesimal molecules called atoms. An atom being the smallest subdivision of matter, it was supposed to exist only in mind, as it could not be recognized by any one, or all, of the physical senses. Recent experiments with this atom by physical scientists have led them to incorporate in recent deductions the result of their discovery, that matter is composed of force and not of atoms. Under quite recent date a well-known religious magazine said, "Nothing less than a divine revelation is the great discovery that the solid frame of nature is not only made by intelligence, but is a compact of intelligent energy, the qualities of what we call matter, weight, immobility, resistance to touch, being only the manifesting of the force that constitutes it." From this it is evident that Mrs. Eddy's statements were not only true, but that they were made in advance of all experiments by so-called scientists.

The common error of misinterpretation, of wrong and illogical reasoning, often leads one not familiar with Mrs. Eddy's writings and the teachings of Christian Science to very erroneous and ridiculous conclusions. "There is no disease," to a Christian Scientist, is equivalent to saying, "God created nothing but what He pronounced good. His creation is real and eternal. His laws are unchangeable and eternal. Disease is not good, therefore it is not real and eternal. The so-called laws of disease are changeable and temporal, therefore disease is a law of mortal or carnal man, and is not a part of the real or spiritual man, made in the image and likeness of God. If disease is not real and eternal, and is not a part of God's law, it has no existence in God's kingdom, and hence has no real existence. It is no real thing, but is what it seems to be. Therefore to God, and to the real man, there is no disease." ...

August 10, 1907

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