Right Doing and Its Reward

WHEN I began to discern the beauty of this grand truth, Christian Science, I yearned to be in the Field, at work for the Cause; and I regretfully returned to the business world, with perhaps a thought that I was not worthy of the higher service; little realizing that an earnest desire to do makes it impossible to be idle, since every thought should mean "work." I had been in my present position three months, when one Saturday morning my employer called me into his office, and total me that because of insufficient business I was to take a two-weeks holiday; then, if conditions warranted it, I could resume work. My first thought was of our Leader's words, "In the way Thou hast" (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 400). I next asked, "Is God's way ever unjust? Would I leave my employer at two hours notice?" "No." "Does not the same law govern employer and employe?" "Yes" Then came the conviction that since I knew right, I must have courage to voice it if necessary. It did prove necessary and I said, "Mr.—, if you were busy in your factory (and that you are not, is no fault of mine), would you expect me to leave you at two hours' notice? because I would not do it; however, I am willing to do whatever you think is just and right." I returned to table and continued my work, when in about ten minutes I was recalled and reinstated for one week longer, at the expiration of which I would be expected to take a vacation of two weeks. To this I cheerfully agreed.

On Monday morning, when the first mail was opened, one of the partners said that a fresh order for goods had been received; the next day one much larger came, and the following day I was told that I might not have any vacation at all on account of the pressure of work. A little later a mistake of one hundred and fifty dollars was made, in my employer's favor. He asked me what I thought of it, and I at once declared for the Golden Rule. In a few moments he came to me again and said "I would not like any one to keep that sum from me, and so I shall call them up and tell them about it;" which he did, with the result that they asked him to enter upon another transaction. He did so, and received an extensive order.

The Christian Science Text-book
July 7, 1906

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