I had all my life been frail and delicate, and with the...

I had all my life been frail and delicate, and with the cares and duties incident upon maternity, conditions grew worse. After nine years of invalidism, under the constant care of faithful and conscientious physicians (eight in number), who greatly disagreed in opinions regarding me, and whose treatment included massage, electricity, etc., one whole year in bed, and a four-months stay at a hospital, where temporary relief was obtained through the loving care and thought expended on my case, the spring of 1900 found me a constant sufferer, with nothing but surgery held out to me, to which I would not submit, as experience and observation had taught me too much. With the weary hope that I might find help through the ministrations of my parents' family physician, I went to Washington, and the day after my arrival consulted him. I carried from the office the remedies he prescribed, but his diagnosis had further shaken my already disappointed faith in materia medica, and they were never used. The next day a dear Christian Scientist in the home invited me to go with her to the Reading Room and meet some of her friends.

I had never heard of Christian Science, except when a friend had timidly suggested the subject to me six months previous, as a possible solution of my trouble. I very indignantly repudiated the idea that it could be of any avail to one so sick as I, and forbade any further mention of the matter; whereupon she meekly subsided. Hence, in my ignorance and prejudice, I was not at all prepared for what I learned that day. Never shall I forget my first impressions of that peaceful, quiet room,—the gentle consideration shown to all inquirers, and the compassionate love manifested by the dear practitioner whom I asked to take my case. Her words in that first conversation brought to me the abiding conviction that the healing work of Christian Science was the same that Jesus taught his disciples. I caught a glimpse of the true spiritual healing which is the result of spiritual renovation, and I began at once to apply the teaching of the text-book to the task of the evangelization of self, and I saw that in exact ratio to the corrected thought the body responded.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science has done so much for me during the...
July 7, 1906

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