The undersigned had an experience several years ago, a...

The undersigned had an experience several years ago, a demonstration over deafness, which she wishes to give in evidence of the healing power of Christian Science. She found herself acutely deaf, after some years of trouble leading up to that stage. She had then been a Scientist for four or five years, and her occupation was that of teacher in the public schools, where the deafness seriously interfered with her work. She would struggle with the difficulty during school time, but finally it was impossible to hear any ordinary conversation, and the members of the family had to shout and often repeat two or three times what they were saying. She then realized the necessity of overcoming the error, and took up the study of Science and Health one evening for this purpose.

She had read but a little while when she came to this statement on page 270, "One only of the following statements can be true: (I) that everything is matter; (2) that everything is Mind. Which one is it?" So clearly came the realization of the truth, that instantaneously, and without her making a conscious mental effort, the deaf ears were unstopped, and conversation which had been going on close by was heard perfectly, whereas a moment before it had been impossible to hear a word.

This new-found hearing remained a long time, perhaps months, when there was a seeming relapse, but the study of our text-book soon taught the writer how to work out of a sense of relapse. Again there was a long period of perfect hearing, then a second relapse. In this she learned that such a condition could only come from fear or sin, according to the teaching found in Science and Health. The fear was quickly overcome and there was another long period of perfect hearing. A third relapse came, which was not overcome till a member of the family reminded her that it was decidedly unpleasant to have to shout everything to her. Again she examined her thought, and knew that as she had not had any fear there was only one other thing which could produce it—sin. Self-examination soon revealed what the sin was; viz., a known understanding of God's requirement in a particular matter had not been obeyed. They very moment there was obedience to God's law there was physical healing again.

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Testimony of Healing
With sincere gratitude for what Christian Science has...
May 12, 1906

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