While seated at my writing table one day, there came...

While seated at my writing table one day, there came upon me, without the least warning, what our medical friends would term a severe cerebral shock—caused, or said to be caused, by the rupture of a blood-vessel in the brain— which affected one side of my face and neck. In the old thought it was no doubt a very serious matter. At any rate it quite incapacitated me when it came on. Sitting upright, the weight of my head seemed more than my neck could bear, and I thought I would be easier if I lay down on the couch; but there was no easy place for my head in any position with that sense of pain, and I made ineffectual efforts for a time to throw off the attack.

Then a strange thing happened; I sat up and laughed. If some of my friends who are inclined to scoff at Christian Science, not understanding that it is the only real Science, could have seen me at that moment, I can imagine them saying, "Touched in his head, poor man," or something of that kind. Whereas, the simple explanation is this; While mentally declaring that most comprehensive of all truths,—"God is All-in-all,"—I was so amused at the utter illogicality of my position, and the absurdity of lying there, seemingly stricken and in pain, yet knowing that God is the only creator; that all His works are good and not evil, and that, therefore, sickness and pain can have no power over man, that, as I have just said, I sat up and laughed. In less than half an hour I was able to resume my work as if nothing had happened; and every day since has had its full share of work for me—some of them days of prolonged mental strain—with no ill effects.

Testimony of Healing
We were spending a few weeks in the country and it...
April 21, 1906

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