The Real and the Unreal

The Truth-Seeker

Christian Science does not deny, but affirms the reality of man and the universe. It teaches that the whole of God's creation is real, perfect, and permanent. It denies reality to the belief that this creation is physical, imperfect, and mortal; and in all its denials it looks to the appearing of higher and more perfect expressions and evidences of the real universe and man.

While Christian Science teaches that all is in reality Mind and mental, it makes the same distinction with reference to the spiritual, divine, and immortal Mind, and the carnal, sinful, and mortal mind, as that made by primitive Christianity. It teaches that the real, spiritual, and eternal universe and man are phenomena of the divine Mind, while the material, sinful, discordant, and mortal sense of the universe and man are the phenomena or false concepts of the carnal mind. It also teaches that through the coming of Christ, divine Truth, through spiritual awakening and growth, these phenomena or false concepts disappear, and the real universe and man is perfectly revealed.

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