"As a man thinketh"

Not the least of the blessings vouchsafed the earnest student of Christian Science is a steadily increasing ability to think, together with a growing appreciation of what thought really is. It makes no difference where Christian Science may find the individual, whether a leader of the intellectual aristocracy or a humble representative of the unschooled multitude, this Science begins at that point to teach him to think.

Almost without exception, the first step in this course of instruction is the revelation of the unsuspected fact that, however complicated one's mental processes may have been before he touched the hem of Christian Science, those processes rarely if ever constituted genuine thought. Through the humility resulting from the conning of this lesson, the courageous and conscientious truth seeker is enabled to apprehend something of Paul's meaning when he wrote: "For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God."

The Wednesday Evening Meeting
March 10, 1906

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