There is Hope for All

It is a pitiful thing to be sick even when there is promise of speedy recovery, but when conventional authority has rendered its decision, and the solemn sentence of "Incurability" has been pronounced, then indeed does mortal experience become a tragedy whose presiding genius is despair. Upon those thus condemned, however, a great light hath shined in our day. The hopeless pessimism of the well-nigh universal thought respecting them, is being replaced by that glad assurance and expectation of their freedom and joy which Christian Science brings as the benediction of heaven.

When we remember that a large proportion of the incurable are being tortured from their childhood in punishment for offences which they have not committed, and that they have been taught to accept their fate and patiently endure their suffering, by those whom Jesus has commanded to heal; and when we know that numbers of these unfortunates have been set free through Christian Science, and therefore that others now in shackles might be freed, but for the ignorance or prejudice which forbids, — then the awryness of mortal sense and man-made theology begins to appear in its true proportions, and we are stirred both by a mighty protest against false belief and a mighty longing to save its unfortunate victims.

True Helpfulness
November 11, 1905

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