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It is now an obstacle to belief to hold that since the closing of the New Testament no one upon the earth has been authorized to speak in the name of God or has been inspired by Him to utter divine truth fit to be called holy Scripture. It is an obstacle to belief to say that any person could be a passive agent in the communication of truth direct from God, who was not himself prepared for his utterances by high resolve and holy life. It is now an obstacle to belief to be told that all inspiration is miraculous in its origin, and dependent for its credentials upon evidences which make it impossible for ordinary persons to expect similar revelations of the Holy Spirit.

The new belief that the infinite energy of the Holy Spirit is everywhere pressing upon human souls, awaiting to be received into them and waiting to express itself through them whenever they are prepared in thought and action to receive the divine gift, gives us back our Bible glorified, because its most glorious heights of spiritual attainment are seen to represent the possibilities of human nature, everywhere and always, when it comes into right relations with the life of God. — The Christian Register. quotes the following from a sermon on "The Divinity of Christ" by the Rev. O. D. Sewall:—

November 11, 1905

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