Truth Solves all Problems

In working out the problems of mortal experience it would sometimes seem that an error of long standing is more difficult to overcome than one of recent appearance, and with this belief comes the thought "too late." Many a heart's hope has gone down at this thought, and it is surely time to begin the destruction of such a depressing belief. It is never too late to do good, or to rise and be saved, if we take with us the Christ to the place where mortal belief says our dearest hope is buried. When Jesus raised Lazarus from the tomb he had already lain there four days: everything seemed to stand in the way of his resurrection, especially the sense of time. Martha said, "Lord, by this time he stinketh: for he hath been dead four days," although Jesus had said to her, "Thy brother shall rise again." To her mourning sense of loss he did not say, Lazarus shall rise, but "Thy brother shall rise again."

This spiritual lesson of the Master was not intended for the incident alone, but like all his acts and sayings its deep teaching unfolds to those who follow him to-day. Every belief in something separate from God is a stone to be rolled away from human consciousness, and the false sense of time, in connection with our work, is a great stone. Sometimes this is the first thing we should remove. To know that time has nothing to do with Life, that it neither weakens nor strengthens the power of Truth, — this hastens the healing, and the process becomes shorter.

November 11, 1905

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