The Lectures

The semi-annual lecture of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, was delivered by Rev. William P. McKenzie, C.S.B., in Symphony Hall, Thursday evening, November 2, before a representative and attentive audience which filled this large building. The lecturer was introduced by Mr. W. D. McCrackan, First Reader of The Mother Church, who said, —

Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends: — You have been invited this evening to listen to a lecture on Christian Science. The time has come when no one who desires to be well informed can any longer afford to be ignorant concerning Christian Science, what it teaches and what it practises. Everywhere people are asking each other what it is that is performing these modern marvels; those who have been looked upon as hopelessly engulfed in sin have been reformed, those who have been called incurably sick are now well and strong, and the sorrowful, who have grieved for years in melancholy and despair, are comforted and made happy and useful members of society. The lecture will deal with ultimate Truth, and at its close we shall know more about God, and man in His image and likeness, and more about the universe as it really is, than we know at this moment. Christian Science is at work in the world with its blessed ministrations. Here in Boston we are all more or less going to school. It is characteristic of this great center that everybody is at work learning something, — active in the pursuit of knowledge and reaching out for a clearer understanding of truth. No wonder, then, that an audience of this magnificence and size has gathered here this evening to learn more about Christian Science. It is not without special significance, therefore, that the headquarters of Christian Science, its Mother Church, and attendant activities, should be located here in this alert and hospitable Boston; that Mrs. Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science and author of its text-book, should have planted in this city of learning her Metaphysical College, from which emanates the knowledge and understanding of practical Christianity so greatly needed by the world at large; and that the text-book of Christian Science should here be published for distribution to all portions of the habitable globe, in response to the urgent demand of those who need mental, moral, or physical help.

November 11, 1905

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