At the time when Christian Science was brought to my...

At the time when Christian Science was brought to my attention I was suffering from what specialists called farsightedness, which commenced about fourteen years ago and steadily grew worse until it hindered me from attending school. I was finally compelled to take treatment under a specialist, which I did for about six months. This brought me no relief and he gave me up to become blind in a few years. My last resort was to an oculist, and this gave me relief for a time, but each year I was compelled to get new lenses, and each time a stronger lens was needed. At last I could not read without the use of my glasses and of a reading lens also, the time being limited to about one half hour per week.

At the time I heard of this Science I was a member of an other church, and did not believe in it, thinking it to be the work of the devil. As a result I did not accept it until the wonderful healing of a relative, when I finally decided to take a trial treatment. As a result, in one day's time I was healed so that I could read without my glasses and without pain. At present I am attending school and spend many of my evenings in reading. I also find that it has brought me great relief in many other ways, and having given it a trial of eighteen months I have found that in general my health is very greatly improved. For the light that I have thus far received; for my clearer understanding of God as the only Mind and of my relationship to Him; for the certainty I have that perfection will eventually be reached if I am faithful, I am thankful. I can now realize the truth in the statement that "God is Love," and I feel that it is a duty to express my gratitude to our dear Leader, Mrs. Eddy.

Testimony of Healing
When I first heard of Christian Science I was in great...
November 11, 1905

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