Divine Love does indeed supply all our needs

Divine Love does indeed supply all our needs. My son, fifteen years of age, was taken ill with all the symptoms of typhoid pneumonia. The veil of material sense was so thick that the divine idea seemed to be completely hidden from me, and although I had almost from the first, since studying Christian Science, been able to make my own demonstrations, this time I seemed to be quite willing to stand aside and let some one else do the work, when suddenly I recollected that I had not even tried to help the boy, but was in every way contributing to the weaknesses and burdens of materiality which were now holding him in bondage.

At once I began work, by first casting out the fear which held me down, and then I was able to take my seat by his bedside and treat him. Hardly was I seated when he fell into a quiet sleep, from which he awoke feeling somewhat better. The following two days were trying ones, but on the third day he made his final exit from bed. That evening he ate a hearty supper, and at about eleven o'clock he sat down to a lunch, then went to sleep. In a few days he was in his usual place in school, although he was so deaf that he could accomplish but little there. I kept on treating him, and in less than two weeks his hearing was wholly restored.

Testimony of Healing
In June, 1903, when our dear Leader, from the balcony...
November 11, 1905

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