Proving our Position

A GENTLEMAN once came to me with a question which is often asked by people who know but little of Christian Science,—"Do Christian Scientists claim there is no evil or sin?" After carefully explaining to him, that we recognize any condition of error, only to destroy it, his response proved how clearly he understood the explanation, which, when repeated, has thrown much light upon the subject for others. After listening attentively, he said, "Yes, now I see very plainly. The conditions would be similar to one in which I found myself a short time ago. I was teaching school in the mountains. While there I received a letter from a lawyer who was located in a large city a few miles away, and who wrote to the interest was due on a loan which had been given on some property several months before.

He said, "I wrote to the lawyer that I owned no such property, consequently did not owe him any interest." The lawyer wrote a second time; to which the man paid no attention. Then a third letter came threatening that if he did not pay the interest within a few days, legal proceedings would be taken. He said, "I never owned the property, therefore never secured a loan on it, hence could owe him no interest. But he claimed I did, and I would have to trouble at least, even if it were not serious."

"Who Did Sin?"
March 12, 1904

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