It seems strange that the world persists in thinking it can go on living in a hit—or—miss, happy—go—lucky kind of way and have harmonious results.

All are agreed that it would be foolish for a person who was unwilling to abide by the rules of arithmetic to attempt to solve its problems, nor would we expect the composer to make a correct composition unless he were willing to conform to the rules of harmony. A large part of the world, however, has been blindly living along from day to day, breaking God's laws at every turn, and vainly expecting things somehow to right themselves. On the other hand, many have patiently submitted to all kinds of discordant conditions without realizing that these are as unnecessary as is discord in music or mistakes in mathematics. To be sure, it requires study and persistent application to eliminate all errors, but we have courage to begin our work when we learn that errors are not inevitable.

Meddling with the Ark
March 12, 1904

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