Two years and a half ago I was a complete invalid in...

Two years and a half ago I was a complete invalid in every sense of the word, having a few months before undergone a severe operation. Instead of the operation effecting a cure, as had been hoped by myself and friends, I seemed, if anything, worse. I was quite lame and simply dragged the left limb about. I could not understand, after suffering such agony, why I did not get well and strong. I tried every material remedy that friends suggested and obeyed the doctors faithfully, all to no avail, however. Finally two physicians had decided that I had sustained a rupture and that I would never get well unless I had another operation. I had already had three operations in my life, and the thought of having another made me shudder. Some of my friends, seeing the weak condition I was in, thought I would never survive another operation. Just at this critical point I was filled with despair. Having given massage, electricity, medicines, and the knife a through trial, I knew not which way to turn.

Such was my condition when Christian Science was brought to my notice. I knew absolutely nothing about it, but had a dim notion that it savored of spiritualism, in which I did not believe, but this I very soon found was not a correct idea. After the first visit of the practitioner, my thoughts were in a whirl, and my head, which had ached incessantly for fifteen months, seemed worse than ever. I could not sleep and every wrong I had done in all my life seemed to come up and stare me in the face. This lasted for three days, after which time my recovery was rapid. In less than a week I was eating everything. After dieting for ten months on chopped steak, zwieback, and hot water, the food tasted delicious to me. It seemed as though I could not get enough to eat and all fear was destroyed.

Testimony of Healing
Undoubtedly we all desire to learn well the lesson of...
August 22, 1903

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