Mistaken Criticism of Christian Science

The Discoverer of Christian Science has met and mastered much ignorant fault-finding directed against her personality or against her teachings. She has done this with a patient love and forbearance that have won the admiration not only of her students, but also of the unprejudiced public at large. Christian Scientists have learned from her not to retaliate in kind nor to make personal attacks. The logic of events is justifying their faith daily and hourly by its beneficent results in reforming the sinner, healing the sick, and comforting the sorrowing. The respect for the rights of others which they are taught, is based upon a clear perception of the Brotherhood of Man as a spiritual reality. They can wait, watch, and work in peace, knowing that the good they do is immortal and that God shows them the way to atone for their mistakes and failures.

In this brief article, therefore, I have no desire to enter into any controversy with persons. The critic may be moved by a variety of motives and influences. He may be honest, but unacquainted with actual facts. He may have no deeper purpose than to give expression to the gossip he hears. I do not consider myself competent to pass judgment upon the critic himself, but experience has shown me the falsity, perversity, and futility of much which passes for criticism of Christian Science, and I believe that the readers of The Independent will be glad of a brief analysis of the subject.

An Unauthorized Criticism
August 22, 1903

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