The Laborer is Worthy of his Hire

Joliet (Ill.) News.

Mr. Editor:—Will you permit me to say that the matter of charging for Christian Science treatment is something that lies between the practitioner and the patient? If neither of them complain, third parties can well afford to refrain from anything in the nature of criticism. Those who have been healed of disease or sin through the action of Christian Science treatment do not complain because of having paid for these treatments. Furthermore, it is a well-known fact that every Christian Science practitioner gives many treatments without receiving any remuneration whatever.

The suggestion in one of Professor Lloyd's remarks to the effect that preaching the gospel can only be accomplished through personal sermons, would deprive us of the Bible which is certainly the greatest preacher of the gospel which has ever been given to the world. Mrs. Eddy does preach the gospel through her numerous publications, and much more effectively because more people are reached than she or any other person could reach by means of personal sermons. Christian Science does not rest upon any improper interpretation or application of the Bible, but on the contrary, rests upon a clear, logical, spiritual interpretation of the word of God therein contained. It makes no difference whom Jesus addressed in the Sermon on the Mount. As Professor Lloyd very aptly remarks, it "gives the underlying principle that applies to us all."

Christian Science vs. Materialism
February 19, 1903

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