A Subtle Enemy

OUR most dangerous foes never approach with blatant threat and stormy aspect, they are silent, subtle, seductive. One of these sly, insidious, innocent-appearing enemies is the demon impulse of separation, little and unobtrusive at first, but at the last, grown great and aggressive, it mercilessly divides home and Church and State. In the beginning, it seems inoffensive and easy of control as were the oozing drops from the dyke which were stayed by the palm of a little child, but which, had they been unrestrained, would with increasing and destructive force have buried thousands in a watery grave.

In the home circle, the error of separation may begin with a frank criticism or the free expression of personal opinion, temperamental sensitiveness, a defence of settled habits, and all the phases of self-justification; its masks are legion.

February 19, 1903

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