In the spring of 1897 I first heard of Christian Science...

In the spring of 1897 I first heard of Christian Science and tried it simply as an experiment, as I had tried almost everything else, homoeopathy, allopathy, electrical treatment, and patent medicine. At the time I was introduced to the first Christian Scientist I had ever met, I had just obtained a supply of medicine from my doctor. I spoke of my ailments to this Christian Science student, and she asked me why I did not try Christian Science, and told me how it had helped her. I asked her if she thought she could help me, and she said she thought she could. We talked some time and I was quite loath to let her go, I was so impressed with what she said. I know now that my recovery dated from that day, for everything seemed changed to me. I bought a copy of Science and Health and afterward took treatment. After my second treatment I laid aside my glasses, which I had worn for many years, and have since been able to use my eyes in every way and do the finest needle work. Soon after I overcame many ailments which had clung tenaciously to me for years, among which were indigestion, chronic headaches, and backache. I continued the reading of Science and Health, and that spring the usual bronchial trouble, which had become chronic, failed to appear, and now I have the feeling that I am speaking of some other person, for it seems almost incredible that I could ever have had those old ailments, they have dropped away so completely.

I have often wondered how any one could feel anything but love and reverence for our dear Leader, Mrs. Eddy, when we see how much good the simple reading of Science and Health has done. After nearly six years' practice of Christian Science I can more fully appreciate and reverence the woman who has labored so unselfishly for mankind.

Testimony of Healing
"Ye are my witnesses, saith the Lord"
February 19, 1903

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