A Distinction with a Difference

Portland (Ore.) Telegram

To the extent that magnetic healing may be said to be mental in operation, to that extent may it be termed "of the Christian Science sort," but beyond this there exists even less affinity between it and Christian Science than there is between Christian Science and the method of the conscientious medical practitioner.

With no desire to disparage or in any manner detract from the earnest efforts of any school of healing to give health to suffering humanity, it seems but just to emphasize the fact that Christian Science widely differs in precept, practice, and effect from all forms of mind-cure operating through will power, magnetism, mesmerism, etc. The healing in Christian Science is not the result of any mental influence, or human power, which is "set in motion at will" by Christian Scientists, but is rather the result of an apprehension and an understanding in some degree of that ever-operative and never-changing law of being of which the Master said, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

The Laborer is Worthy of his Hire
February 19, 1903

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