The True Basis of Brotherhood

WE hear a great deal in these latter days about altruism, and the brotherhood of man, but this condition can never be realized while the prevalent beliefs about God and man obtain in human thought. The revelation in Christian Science of God as infinite Mind, and hence the only Mind of man, is the only foundation upon which this universal brotherhood can be established. The belief that each mortal has an independent mind, separate from God, is the source of the selfishness and strife that seem almost ever-present in the world. But the understanding that there is but one God, one Mind, one Principle, will unite all mankind in a common brotherhood; and the demonstration of this truth means the exclusion from human consciousness of all selfishness, jealousy, and strife. The belief of many gods, many minds, many principles inevitably leads to the clashing of interests, the opposition of governments, and the sacrifice of peace. This is the foundation of sand upon which the consciousness of harmony can never stand.

But mortals are loth to part with this belief of many minds, lest they lose themselves, when to lose themselves, their false sense, is just what they need, that they may find themselves in God's image (character), having the Mind that was in Christ Jesus. This notion of mind in brain has brought no pleasure or profit to its believers, but the reverse. It is liable to be extinguished by any chance circumstance, and has never brought to man a spark of light or truth. Jesus said, "If the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!" and what greater darkness can be conceived of than the belief that Intelligence can be contained in, and ruled by, a few ounces of pulpy, inanimate, unconscious matter? What a humiliating confession that man's intelligence is made up of, and supported by such things as bread and potatoes; and that without such as these it must collapse! If it must be "absorption," by all means let us be absorbed in Mind and Immortality, rather than in decaying matter. But as the reflection (like-ness) of Intelligence, God, man can no more be absorbed than the ray can be lost in its reflection. Let mortals conceive of Mind as wholly good, and there will result a picture of harmony without an opposite discord; and this is what Christian Science is destined to accomplish in human consiousness. Nothing but the whole truth is equal to so great a task; but the success of Christian Science while in its infancy (to human sense) gives ample promise of the perfect fulfilment of its glorious destiny.

July 24, 1902

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