The Knowing Little Ant

—The Literary Digest

A remarkable instance of the intelligence of ants is described by Dr. Schroeder, in the Zeitschrift fur Entomologie. Last summer a country house was so overrun by ants that the owner, after destroying a large ant-hill near the house and collecting the numerous pupae for poultry feed, laid sticky fly-paper before the door of the house in such a manner that the ants could not enter without crossing it. In the morning he found his poultry feed gone and the flypaper covered with sand, dry-grass, and pine needles over which the ants had passed "dry-shod." The ant-hill had also been rebuilt during the night. This case is well-authenticated and a piece of the fly-paper is shown in evidence."—The Literary Digest.

Commencement Addresses
July 24, 1902

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