The Skilful Gardener

The Progress

The Heart is a very fertile plot of ground, and whatever seed is sown therein finds root quickly. There are some seeds that need all the loving care and staunch support that we are capable of bestowing with the understanding at command. These seeds are Patience, Pure Thoughts, Meekness, and Love, and when we are rewarded by the appearance of their tender shoots we must guard them carefuily, and water them daily with spiritual dew.

We must "sow," "water," "plant," and "replant," until our loved plot is full and overflowing, and leave no space therein for the seeds of Envy, Malice, Jealousy, and Discontent to find lodgement, for they are of a prolific nature, and would overrun and despoil all our cherished plants.

Nellie's Daily Bread
January 16, 1902

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