The Bible in Literature

FOLLOWING is an extract from a sermon on "The Bible in Literature," by Rev. Camden M. Coburn, pastor of the St. James Methodist Episcopal Church of Chicago:—

The Bible is not only a book, but, as modern research has emphasized, it is a library of many books—sixty-six or more. It is a national literature, the production of many authors widely divergent from each other, not only in point of time but in culture, knowledge, taste, and literary style. Some of these chapters contain history and allegory so ancient that no other record in the world made mention of it until, in our times, the inscriptions on the banks of the Nile and the Euphrates have placed by its side contemporaneous corroborations of its truthfulness, while other chapters contain notices or biographies of men who are mentioned again and again in the Greek and Roman classics, and were written of by contemporaries of Virgil and Horace and Tacitus.

Making Sugar from Beets
January 2, 1902

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