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As our periodicals appear at their appointed times, monthly, weekly, and quarterly, keeping us supplied with messages from Christian Science and Christian Scientists, the fact that we can have so much done for us in return for so small an effort on our part becomes more and more apparent and also more wonderful. To have the Journal every month, this magazine which is invaluable to Scientists, seems quite out of proportion to our share in the matter—the payment of only two dollars a year. And this is merely the beginning. For one dollar we have a paper every week, not only with testimonies and most helpful and encouraging articles regarding Christian Science, including often a word from our Leader which we all know is beyond ordinary computation, but picked out for us, gathered from many sources, giving us the advantage of reading items and news from publications we would otherwise never see, representing a vast amount of search, and discretion in the matter of selection—is the important and useful information and news of the day in concise form; obviously the work on the Sentinel is at least twice that on the Journal; and for half the price!

I was told a short time ago of a conversation in regard to current events which took place between a Scientist and a man who is connected with some periodicals, but who is not a Scientist. The Scientist discovered that she was better informed upon those subjects than he was, and the Sentinel is the source from which she had obtained all her information.

A Helpful Lesson
March 15, 1900

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