False vs. True Witness

Thou shalt not bear false witness.—Matthew, 19:18.

Surely every one wishes to ascertain what is true. Only that which bears testimony to the right, to the good, is a true witness. However much one may think he is testifying to Truth, if he gives not evidence that his word and deed is based on Principle that is immovable, because it is an eternal or fixed fact, he is surely a false witness.

We have found in Christian Science that mortal mind is ever changing from one belief to another, therefore always bearing witness to the false, while ofttimes seeming to bear testimony to the true, but when tested by the "line and plummet" of righteousness—rightness—it is found wanting. The true witness has an eternal Principle to support him and thus gives a right reason for the hope that is in him. In Revelation, 1:5, we find that Christ is the faithful or true witness, so that Christ or Truth is its own interpreter; and as we understand this Truth do we become true witnesses, therefore we "shall not bear false witness." but testify only to the divine Mind as ruling and governing all. Thus we reflect only that Mind which was in Christ Jesus. So we bear testimony to the Christ-Truth whenever we demonstrate the allness of Mind and the nothingness of matter. When error is overcome, either in ourselves or others, we prove to be true witnesses.

Testimony of Healing
The Healing of Sin
March 15, 1900

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