A Helpful Lesson

A very simple, natural phenomenon taught me a helpful lesson recently, and perhaps the experience will help some one else. We were driving home one night after the electric lights were turned on, and with interest watched the shadows on the smooth asphalt. As we approached each light, there was no shadow to be seen, but as we passed under the light and it was behind us, the shadow appeared, growing in size and ugliness as the light was left farther behind; then, as we came up to the next light the shadow disappeared, only to re-appear as the light was left behind.

Suddenly the lesson dawned upon me. The light of Christian Science is before us, our path is illumined, we forget self and see only the glorious light of Truth. But temptation comes, and we turn our back to the light. What is the result? The black, ugly shadow of self appears, with its fatal trio of sin, sickness, and death.

False vs. True Witness
March 15, 1900

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