"The Press."

The Chronicle of Wappinger Falls, N. Y., of February 16, 1900, publishes in full our recent article in the Sentinel under the above title, and then editorially comments upon the article somewhat at length. After going over the ground in a fair and friendly spirit, the editor, speaking of Christian Scientists, says, "They profess to heal, to cure all manner of disease, injuries, bone fractures, nature's afflictions, etc. Now let the Scientists exhibit in the presence of judges, practical and competent in their several professions, and show its curative power in their presence. If the 'Science' accomplishes what it professes to be able to do, under such a test, we hesitate not to declare that it will revolutionize theoretical doctrine, it will win to its fold followers innumerable. If it cannot stand the test named it will, like its predecessors who have claimed similar spiritual powers, sink into oblivion. If Chrisitan Science denies a just, proper, and impartial test like unto the one named, then it must not be surprised to learn that its claims are disbelieved, its assertions disregarded, and its teachings believed to be hypocritical. This is a plain, simple, and honest proposition, made not in enmity, or malice, but only candidly and impartially. Will the editor of the Sentinel advocate a submission of the test proposed in this article, or will he take to cover with the affirmation, 'you must take our word for it'?"

In our former article we made this statement: "To the newspaper fraternity who desire legitimate and candid information only for legitimate and candid uses, Christian Scientists will afford every facility in their power in the way of furnishing such information. There is plenty of evidence to be had, although there are some cases, where, for obvious reasons, publicity is not desired by those interested; interested; and their wishes should be respected. There are, on the other hand, numerous instances where the beneficiary is only too glad to make known the fact of having been healed. The Christian Science publications, extending back for many years, contain testimonies from thousands of this class.'

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March 1, 1900

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