Why I am a Christian Scientist

To me religion was nothing but an undefinable superstition. There were two places I never cared to visit; one was a church, the other a saloon. I was a faithful follower of Ingersoll, and believed in doing right because it was right, without fear of punishment or hope of reward.

I became interested in Christian Science, through the healing of a friend. My prejudice against religion was so strong that when "Unity of Good," the first book on Christian Science I read, was given me, I threw it down several times, and said, "This is too much religion for me, I cannot stand it." But my friend was healed by Christian Science, and I wanted to ascertain how it was accomplished. There must be something in it that I did not understand. My curiosity was greater than my prejudice, so I resumed reading the work. When I began to read "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," my prejudice did not last long. It appeared to have so much common sense, and so many practical ideas, besides being free from superstition, that it just suited me. I was not looking for healing but for an understanding of the Principle of healing. Before becoming interested in Christian Science, I had been reading medical works on the digestion of food, and my stomach became so affected that I could not digest anything but the plainest kind of food. If I dared eat any luxuries, I could not sleep. I became a slave to my stomach. Before I was half through reading Science and Health I was free. My stomach was once my master, now it is my servant. I was cured of the belief that life is in matter, and depending on the heart, stomach, and lungs for existence, by the understanding that Life is God, and that God is Mind.

A Little Child's Faith
March 1, 1900

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