A Child's Testimony

I would like to tell a demonstration over error, for it may help some other little child to demonstrate over error.

One night as I was undressing I dislocated my thumb. When I did it I realized God's presence. Then I pushed it back into place with a crash. I pushed it back into place without pain. After I had finished undressing and had got into bed it was paining me awfully. I said over the "Mother's New Year's Gift to the Little Ones," and declared that there were no broken or dislocated limbs in God. Then I said over and over that God was here and that God was All-in-all. Then I dropped off to sleep. In the morning it was not swollen, discolored, or sore. When I showed it to mother she couldn't tell which thumb it was. I have had many beautiful demonstrations.

Testimony of Healing
The Words of Jesus Demonstrated
March 1, 1900

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